Burger & Lobster @ SkyAvenue, Genting Highlands

It seems like everyone’s raving about the famous lobster chain from London, Burger & Lobster that opened its doors a few months ago in SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting. My social media feed was flooded since (still is) with pictures from Burger & Lobster, literally every single week. I had been wanting to find out what was all the buzz as I really love lobsters. Plus, I haven’t been back to Genting Highlands for more than 6 years. So we took the opportunity of a long Labour Day weekend, and made plans to go up the highlands for a couple of nights to 吃喝玩樂 (eat, drink and be merry). My main itinerary was to eat that lobster!

I’ve never actually been the kind who would travel over 20 minutes just to eat something. Not only because I’m impatient, but also time constraints during the week. I’ll always have an excuse. However, it was all worth the travel (I know lahh, it’s only an hour from KL 😬 ) and being in that queue (waited more than an hour lor) for Burger & Lobster. There’s no reservation required, only walk-ins. You’ll have to wait, regardless.

The GM of Burger & Lobster, Fabrizio explained to us the menu and popular items among the locals. Although this place was really really busy, he was thoughtful enough to take a 60 years old live lobster from the tank just so we could take pictures. The crowd, music and the uplifting vibe here really got us all pumped up. We were super excited and just wanted our food as fast as possible (could be the anticipation from the long wait).

Considering we had more than enough time to think of what we wanted to order while waiting in line, we set our minds to Chilli Lobster which was the most popular, The Original (grilled), and Seven Samurai (roll). The B&L Burger was also another popular one. I didn’t get to try it but Mr Gadget didn’t share it with me told me the beef patty was okay only.

The Chilli Lobster was steamed and served in a claypot of slightly spicy and sourish sauce. This was definitely my favourite! You need to get your full fingers into this one. Burger & Lobster provide gloves and bibs so you can enjoy them without worries of your white shirt getting stained. This is so tasty and addictive that you’ll feel like dipping everything else into the sauce besides the toasted brioche. The lobster meat was so juicy and succulent. Just for your info, their fresh wild live lobsters are flown in from Canada.

The rolls are superb for those who want to avoid the hassle and mess. The Seven Samurai roll was dressed in special seven spices sauce inside a soft toasted brioche, served with fries and salad on the side. Oh man, even the salad was so refreshing.

I really enjoyed The Original grilled lobster too. Most of the time, the originals will be my preferred choice because I like the sweetness and freshness of the lobster meat by itself, imbued together with the taste of shell. The Original at Burger & Lobster was good with the lemon butter sauce, but I thought it was even better without.

We sapu everything in less than 30 minutes. Very very satisfied! 😛


What was good about Burger & Lobster:

  • Fresh live lobster flown in from Canada
  • The Original (grilled) and Chilli Lobster were ahhhmazingggg!
  • Lively atmosphere (this place was pumping!)
  • Prompt and friendly service despite the overwhelming crowd

What was bad about Burger & Lobster:

  • No reservations allowed (very long queue)


Burger & Lobster Malaysia Details:
Website: Burger & Lobster
Facebook: Burger & Lobster Malaysia
Address: Level 1 SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting, 69000 Genting Highlands Resort, Pahang.
Phone: +603 6105 9186

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