Common Man Coffee Roasters @ TTDI, Kuala Lumpur

Instead of my regular salad wrap and cold pressed juice after a sweat sesh at Kiara Hill on a Saturday morning, I went to Common Man Coffee Roasters for a try since I’ve seen some photos of this cafe on Instagram. Lucky thing it was only 2 minutes away from Kiara Hill by foot. CMCR was originally established in Singapore but now has expanded into Malaysia opening its first outlet here in TTDI Kuala Lumpur, offering a full menu (brunch up ’til dinner) and some seriously tasty coffee. 

Without much research of this place, I had the perception that CMCR was one of those hipster cafes with only a few tables, cramped and designed in raw elements. However, I was surprised by the ample amount of space this place was as soon as I entered. There’s a nice waiting area, and wall racks across displaying their coffee blends for sale. CMCR‘s crew showed us to our table immediately as there were plenty available then since it was still early. I reckon this place could easily seat up to 100 guests.

As for some of you coffee enthusiasts, you may opt to be seated at the coffee bar and enjoy watching CMCR‘s baristas in action, or a little coffee talk perhaps. I went out of my comfort zone that day to try their Ethiopian filtered coffee instead of my standard order of latte.

I must say the whole setting of CMCR was quite atas. For an atas cafe, surely the prices were slightly atas too. Not sure was it because I was starving or what, everything on the brunch menu sound so good. There’s only this much my stomach can fit, so we limited our order to a full breakfast (savory) and fluffy pancakes (sweet) to share. Common Man Full Breakfast; one word, delicious. Those poached eggs were perfect! Well, the pancakes weren’t my idea, not especially for breakfast. But this one definitely hits the spot. They were indeed fluffy and moderately sweet, didn’t make me feel jelak after.

Saw our table next door ordered churros, but… I managed to resist my temptation. Wonder if it’s any good. I guess I’ll find out pretty soon 🙂

What was good about Common Man Coffee Roasters:

  • Common Man Full Breakfast and Fluffy Pancakes were good
  • Great coffee
  • Young and dynamic staff
  • Extensive place with sufficient space between tables (for privacy lahhh)

What was bad about Common Man Coffee Roasters:

  • The lighting was too dim unless you’re next to the window
  • Price was slightly on the high side


Common Man Coffee Roasters Details:
Website: Common Man Coffee Roasters KL
Address: A-G-1 New Podium, Plaza Vads No.1 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad, 60000 Kuala Lumpur
Reservations: +603 7731 7095

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