Eastern & Oriental Hotel @ George Town, Penang

I know, I know.. My past couple of blogs have about the beautiful city of Penang. There’s just too many nice places to explore in this island that I really want to share with you. In my last post, I mentioned that we were here a few weeks back for our pre-wedding shoot. We went from one bridal house after another, and flipped through tons of albums to finally decide on Eastern & Oriental Hotel as our favourite location for the shoot. There was one condition the hotel had : in order to have our photos taken within the premise, we needed to stay at least a night here since it was strictly for in-house guests only. 

Eastern & Oriental Hotel is split into two wings; namely the original Heritage Wing (old wing) and the extended Victory Annexe (new wing). We actually got to stay in both wings. I would consider ourselves lucky even though we had to move rooms, but it was a good chance to experience both the heritage colonial and the modern-classic. Cut the long story short, they were running at almost full occupancy. Our first night stay was at the Heritage Wing. This over a century old hotel, although restored, still maintained its classic colonial architecture and elements. It was simple, elegant and precisely what we wanted for our photos to be; evergreen.  The complimentary services differ slightly in both wings, thus the different rates.

Upon checking in the Heritage Wing, we were welcomed by refreshing mocktail and cold towel, which is offered only at this wing. I really love the earthy colour palette of their furnitures, and also the classy Victorian lightings.

If you ask me where my favourite spot was in the Heritage Wing, it had to be the corridor along these two dining outlets at Eastern & Oriental Hotel, 1885 and Sarkies Corner. And yes, we did have our pictures taken here.

The Deluxe Suite in Heritage Wing is 58 sq meters, sea view with separate living area, bedroom and bathroom. Another service that is only available in this wing is a 24-hour butler service, whereby a butler call switch is placed right next to the bed. The butler will attend to you in 10 minutes whenever the switch is turned on. Only in this wing will you have a personalised check-in by a butler as well. There’s also two TV’s in this suite (one in bedroom, one in living area). Unfortunately, there’s no balcony in this suite. The size of it is also slightly larger, and so was the price. Per night stay was above RM1,000.00 after tax.

What I also really like about Eastern & Oriental Hotel is the size of their bathrooms, and the classic checkered black and white marble floor. Very spacious with two separate vanity counters, a bathtub, and separate shower. But what I didn’t like about this suite was the dim yellow lighting, both in the bedroom and bathroom. Even with the curtains drawn open taking in natural sunlight at the living area, the room still seemed a bit dark.

Complementary breakfast buffet is included at Sarkies Annexe, which is the coffee house in the new wing. This is a different outlet from Sarkies Corner, that’s only serving à la carte. It was slightly inconvenient that we needed to do a bit of a walk from the Heritage Wing to get to Sarkies Annexe for our breakfast. Guests may enjoy dining al fresco – overlooking the straits; or indoor – easier access to the buffet spread. Obviously I chose the latter.

The breakfast was a wide spread from east to west, and plenty of local favourites. I love their roti telur with curry and sambal most. Plus, there’s freshly squeezed-to-order juices as well. Nothing was out of the juice box.

We moved over to Victoria Annexe Studio Suite for the next two nights. Even though the room may seem somewhat smaller (55 sq m) than the Deluxe Suite in Heritage Wing, it was because the Studio Suite had a balcony. It’s always a good feeling being able to step outside, just listening to the sounds of the sea in the morning, and appreciating its expansive view. The design of the suite kind of felt like a business hotel versus to the elegant classic suite in the Heritage Wing. However, it was still very comfortable. There’s only one television instead of two though, but that’s not an issue to us since we barely watch them when we travel anyway.

The bathroom was also very similar with Heritage Wing – checkered black and white marble floor, and two separate vanities. Of course the essence of its colonial classic heritage design remains, but only much modern. Thankfully the entire suite had very good lighting. This is important to me especially in the bathroom (can see better mah when I do my make up).

The lobby was also busier due to a larger number of rooms. Price for a Studio Suite after tax was approximately RM750.00, lower compared to the Deluxe Suite in Heritage Wing (rates may differ according to peak/non peak season).

In-house guests in the Victory Annexe also have access to Planters Lounge on the 6th floor, serving complimentary all-day coffee or tea, and evening cocktails between 5.30-6.30PM.

On the same floor is where you will also find the fitness centre – Pañpuri Organic Spa, a very popular luxury spa brand from Thailand, and a well equipped gymnasium for the gym junkies as well.

There’s a pool each in both wings. Personally, I think the view in the old wing was not as pretty as the new. This is because the new one is a deck pool located on a higher floor (6th floor), while the old wing is located on ground floor. Both overlooking the straits. However, the old wing was more private and less crowded. I regretted not bringing any swimwear to at least dip myself inside for 30 minutes. That view, was simply amazing.

Guests may enjoy the spectacular view of the Andaman Sea whilst having their meals at the Poolside Terrace, another one of their F&B outlets. I think it’s a wonderful spot to have your cocktail and catch the sunset.

What was good about Eastern & Oriental Hotel:

  • Service was good overall (but not excellent)
  • In-suite coffee machine for both wings, and complimentary non-alcoholic beverage in minibar
  • Large suites – big bedroom and bathroom (separate shower, bathtub and two vanities) with complete amenities
  • Balcony in Victory Annexe suites overlooking the Straits
  • Complimentary valet parking for in-house guests
  • Wide spread of choices for buffet breakfast at Sarkies Corner
  • Fantastic deck pool on the 6th floor of Victory Annexe overlooking the Andaman Sea
  • Good location – close to tourist attractions

What was bad about Eastern & Oriental Hotel:

  • Buffet breakfast, spa and fitness centre located in the new wing – inconvenient for those staying in the Heritage Wing
  • No balcony in the Deluxe Suite of Heritage Wing


Eastern & Oriental Hotel’s Details:
Website: Eastern & Oriental Hotel
Address: No.10 Lebuh Farquhar, 10200 George Town, Penang.
Tel: +604 222 2000
Email: Eastern & Oriental Hotel
Facebook: Eastern & Oriental Hotel

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