Frisson Coffee Bar @ Damansara Utama, P.J

Very often before Sunday comes, I would have decided where I wanted to go for brunch on that day. However, Mr Gadget had to bring his car to the workshop, not knowing if any of them will be open. We decided to just try our luck in Damansara Utama since there are so many workshops in that area, we guessed there must be at least one that was open. Otherwise, we would’ve continued searching in other places. As it needed about 1.5 hours to be fixed, we had to find ways to kill time. What better ways than having a snack and coffee? We had a heavy breakfast before at home, so we couldn’t exactly fit in a full course lunch. Besides car workshops, there’s also plenty of cafés and dessert bars along that stretch of shophouses. We randomly entered into Frisson Coffee Bar, which was almost full house already by the time we got there.

Frisson was filled with heavy sounds of indistinct chatters and pop music. I would have preferred if they turned the music down a little. I didn’t think the décor was especially appealing as it didn’t catch much of my attention. However, the whole room had a very lively ambience. The staff were pleasant and prompt. One of them attended to us and found us seats within seconds after we entered.

Okay. Truth is, we were sold by the pictures on Frisson‘s menu. Our eyes were laid on those sinful looking stacked waffles and donuts. Oh well, Sunday’s cheat day anyway (we’ve had one too many cheat days that week!). To make things simple, we ordered one savoury and the other sweet. Mr Gadget is more of a pancake person, whereas I on the other hand, prefer waffles. So we got one of each. Just for your info, he has a sweet tooth. We practically have to end 99% of our meals together with something sweet.

The Infamous Wessy Waffle Burger we ordered was a mix of savoury and sweet. The sweetness was actually from peanut butter and jelly. This is only for those who enjoy the campur-campur (mixing) everything together taste. We wallop the “burger” so quickly despite saying we weren’t that hungry. Looks messy yet mouthwatering. So sinful yet tasty.

The Nutty Nutella Pancakes were almost perfect. Soft, delicate, warm and looked pretty. And there’s always a but.. we really wished they would serve them with fresh strawberries instead of frozen. Besides all these tasty food, Frisson serves good coffee as well. I really can’t wait to try their Snickerlicious pancakes and their signature Affogato next time. I better make sure I come with a hungry stomach too!

What was good about Frisson Coffee Bar:

  • Staff were always available – from seating us, food ordering, and presenting the check
  • Tasty waffles and good coffee
  • Prompt service – food was served in 10 minutes despite the crowd

What was bad about Frisson Coffee Bar:

  • Music was too loud
  • Frozen strawberries in Nutty Nutella – would prefer fresh ones


Frisson Coffee Bar Details:
Address: No.71-G Jalan SS 21/1A, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +603 7732 9969
Facebook: Frisson Coffee Bar

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