The Other Half @ TTDI, Kuala Lumpur

It’s been a while since we’ve gone café-hunting around Klang Valley. Not because we were lazy, but merely due to our very busy schedules lately that’s draining us out. Pfffftt! We’ve dedicated most of our weekends to just resting, besides spending time with my loved ones and managing some personal stuff. Yes, I know we still need to eat but we’ve been dependent on home-cooked and also home delivery services. Obviously I’m not going to starve myself silly! Anyway, speaking of spending quality time with loved ones. My bestie told me she really wanted to check out this new café in TTDI called The Other Half. So I thought to myself “This is perfect!! Finally somebody suggested a new place to explore and nobody needs to scratch his/her head trying to answer that million dollar question – where to eat?!”.

The Other Half is actually situated on the second floor terrace of a brand new condominium, The Greens. We were there on a Sunday, and parked at the basement so there was absolutely no issues with parking. That’s the least worry I want to have, seriously. I must say that I really liked the simple colour scheme of the café. White background, black and gold texts, half light wood and half pine green tables, high glass windows, and that faux grass rugs at the alfresco area really enhanced the visual appearance of the entire place. It created a relaxed atmosphere with a vibrant touch.

I think I have mentioned before that we normally ask for suggestion when we’re indecisive. Whichever most popular item and “must try” on the menu. But first things first, coffee above all. The Piccolo (RM10) I ordered was good, and beautiful coffee art always puts a smile on my face.

The Other Half‘s menu was crafted to adapt to local preference. We were recommended these brunch items that had been “localised” such as the Ox Cheek Rendang Benedict (RM31), Sweet & Sour Soft Shell Crab Burger (RM35), and Five Spices Duck Leg Confit (RM34).

My favourite had to be the Ox Cheek Rendang Benedict because I’m a big fan of both beef rendang and runny poached eggs. The combination of these two was perfect. So delicious, though I was hoping it could be a little bit spicy.

There wasn’t anything significant about the Sweet & Sour Soft Shell Crab Burger. It was okay, but we seem to enjoy the side sweet potato fries better. I really didn’t taste much of the sweet and sour in it. Burgers with juicy beef patties and cheese work better for me, anytime!

For someone who seldom orders or eats duck, I must say this duck leg confit was tasty. The spices were not too rich and it was flavourful. Loved the Moroccan couscous that came with it, but not the jellified pear puree.

The food portion wasn’t too big (or maybe I just have a big appetite), so we had to order dessert. We tried the Coconut Waffles (RM28) and Matcha Hot Cakes (RM26). I was very disappointed though the hot cakes were okay, the waffles were over crispy. We were told the menu is seasonal, so I really hope the dessert section could be better improved.

What was good about The Other Half:

  • Menu was crafted to adapt to local preference – Ox Cheek Rendang Benedict is a must order
  • Friendly and helpful service
  • Attractive food presentation
  • Relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere especially the alfresco area – simple interior and nice color scheme

What was bad about The Other Half:

  • Dessert was a let down, especially the Coconut Waffles
  • Sweet & Sour Soft Shell Crab Burger – sweet potato fries tasted better than the burger itself


The Other Half Café’s Details:
Address: 2-1 Greens Terrace, Jalan Wan Kadir 3, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2771 6221
Facebook: The Other Half
Email: The Other Half

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