Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine @ Canton Rd, Hong Kong

So tell me now, who’s your favourite Sanrio character? Is it Hello Kitty? Or Kerokerropi?! Ok.. Maybe not the boys but you girly girls were definitely once a big fan, right? And still is perhaps? Well, I’m going to tell you mine were The Little Twin Stars. Absolutely adored them and still do now.  I had all my stationeries, probably a full set, by Little Twin Stars. Not forgetting the stickers, hand fan, chopsticks and many others I can’t even remember now. Back then, I didn’t like Hello Kitty but somehow grew fond of it a few years ago. My girlfriends and I even got ourselves a Hello Kitty tattoo as a symbol of our friendship. Yeah, we’re hardcore like that!!!

I’m one of those girls who enjoy themed cafés and restaurants, so I took the opportunity to experience dining in Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine this year in Hong Kong. Moreover, this one actually serves dim sum! As you know, dim sum is a great part of the Cantonese culture, especially Hong Kong. The typical traditional restaurants would normally have waiters pushing carts of bamboo baskets filled with freshly steamed dim sum through the dining hall. They’ll usually be gone in a minute when diners hover to the carts and take possibly anything they can. Of course, the modern-day restaurants are much different. You are seated, then your order’s taken and your food will be served.

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine literally has everything labeled in Hello Kitty from its deco, fittings, crockeries, cutleries, food and even their own bottled sparkling juice in pink. I tried resisting not to over-order (we still did regardless), since all the pictures on the menu looked way too adorable.

In terms of the taste, I didn’t have high expectations ’cause technically I’m here for the cute ambience and food art only. Based on my experiences in themed cafés, the food’s usually below average. However, the food here was hit and miss. Some of what we ordered was actually above my expectation. The best we had were the Shrimp DumplingsSteamed Sausage Rolls and Steamed Meat Ribbon with Dried Squid (a tad bit salty though).

If you’re ever thinking of dining here, my humble opinion is not to order any of these: BBQ Pork Pastry, Steamed Egg White with Hello Kitty Rice, and Cheese Tart with Sorbet. They may be Insta-worthy, but not tasty. Remember you’re going to be paying a higher price than regular Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong, unless you don’t mind. Afterall, the taste of food isn’t a priority here but more the experience. However, something to highlight was their terrible service. They were understaffed and weren’t friendly at all. I think they should really put some emphasize on service as well besides just food presentation.

What was good about Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine:

  • Very adorable Hello Kitty food art – your camera’s going to love them
  • Hello Kitty Shrimp Dumplings were quite tasty and CUTE!

What was bad about Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine:

  • Understaff – Only 2 servers in the entire restaurant
  • Poor service – Staff seems irritated when we requested for chili sauce. They were not attentive given we’re the earliest and there were only 2 tables occupied
  • Unfriendly service – Staff never smiled at us, not even once
  • Overpriced food – We understand it’s due to branding just like any other themed restaurant, but it wasn’t worth for such bad service
  • The place looked a little run-down


Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine’s Details:
Website: Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine
Facebook: Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine
Address: Lee Loy Mansion, 332-338 Canton Rd, Jordan, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 8202 8203

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