Jeq In The House Cafe @ Section 17, Petaling Jaya

It was a drizzly and cloudy Sunday evening. The kind of weather where you feel like curling up and snuggle under sheets while watching your favourite TV show. But not me. This was the perfect weather to go places. So I opened Safari to search for a decent café serving dinner (out of Bangsar), called an Uber, brought my laptop and head straight over to Jeq In The House at Section 17.

Jeq In The House was only a few doors away from Kanna Curry House, the famous house of banana leaf rice. I know it’s a challenge to find parking spot around this area during lunch hour. However, I was there about 6pm and saw plenty.

Upon arriving, we were greeted by a classic bicycle at the entrance that quickly caught my attention. Spent at least 10 minutes taking photos (of myself) outside before we even manage to enter the café.

Jeq In The House had me reminiscing of my high school and college days. It was filled with heaps of random knick knacks, vintage records, guitar, books, empty bottles, novelty signage and etc. The things I used to keep for sentimental values or I thought were “cool” back in the days.

Wood and steel were also the predominant elements in this café’s interior design. I suppose this is trending in most of the cafés these days. Overall, Jeq In The House had a very casual laid back lepak vibe. Majority of the crowd were students, families and young couples.

Since Sunday has always been my cheat day (and I have the tendency to over indulge EVERY SINGLE TIME), this gave me the opportunity to order anything from deep fried, carbs to sugary sweet. I wouldn’t normally order beverages as I’m the warm water kind of person (unless if it’s wine or cocktail). Though every now and then I would crave for something else, eventually we ordered an Iced Mint Chocolate and a Lavender Earl Grey Latte. Initially, I wanted a Rose Tea Latte but the guy who took our order said the Lavender Earl Grey Latte was prettier for photos.

There is one thing that I would never order, chicken wings. Since the menu says Golden Wings with fries (walao.. golden worrr) with a star next to it indicating an all time favourite, should be good right? If you’re wondering why Golden, ’cause it’s salted egg-coated. Fuahhh.. so sinful but oh so tasty! The salted egg didn’t taste too highly flavoured on the wings. Epic. My Jeq In The House favourite.

Next up was from the Chef’s Selection; beef kalbi infused with herbs, sesame oil, pear & leek in shoyu sauce, and carrot mash. A light one, beef was tender, and seemed healthy as well. I would recommend this.

Jeq’s Special Pizza was a thin-crust base pizza with tomato sauce, turkey ham, capsicums, mushroom and mozzarella cheese. Mehh.. It was OK lah, just didn’t turn out to be much of a “special” to me.

Dessert was a Tiramisu (contains alcohol), also with a star next to it on the menu. It was plated with a lotus flower art of chocolate and berry sauce next to it. A for effort! They were pretty accommodating to us, as they knew we wanted to take nice food photos. Apparently the Dark Choco Lava or Belgium Waffle are best recommended for good photo effects. Nonetheless, we thought the tiramisu was still a brilliant choice.

What was good about Jeq In The House:

  • Food was enjoyable
  • Good variety of choices (from food, dessert, drinks and even a small section for vegetarians)
  • Easy parking in the evening
  • Nice casual laid back atmosphere

What was bad about Jeq In The House:

  • Too many knick knacks all over the place making it look slightly messy
  • Helpful but not too cheerful staff


Jeq In The House Details:
Website: Jeq In The House
Address: No.19 Jalan 17/45 Section 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Reservations: +603 7932 2261

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