Kenny Hills Bakers @ Taman Tunku

Kenny Hills Bakers is a patisserie situated in the residential area of Taman Tunku. A lush, tranquil, and quiet side of town but only minutes away from the city centre. This bakery however, was bustling amongst the peace and quiet. Crowded with those dining in or simply taking away loaves of organic artisan bread and pastries. It was nonstop busy with people coming in and out this place (possibly because it was a public holiday at the time).

Kenny Hills Bakers has limited seating space, but not to fear as you can order from here and have them serve over at their sister establishment only a few metres down at Kenny Hills Bistro (self-service ordering system and payment by cash only). It gets a bit cramped when there’s a queue since the place is already small.

It was almost lunch time and we wanted a wholesome meal instead of just having a croissant (where got enough lah??). So I ordered the Eggs Flamenco (two organic oven baked eggs with chickpeas in spiced tomato coulis and turkey chorizo) from the all day brunch menu and a freshly baked Beef Cheeks and Portobello Mushroom Pie. There’s other options like hand tossed sourdough pizzas and a good selection of gourmet sandwiches.

The beef pie in Kenny Hills Bakers left quite an impression! I really really enjoy pies and yes I’m still thinking about it. Everything about the pie was amazing, from the crust to the braised beef. Looks like a popular one here since I saw them replenish these pies a couple of times while we were seated next to the display.

The Eggs Flamenco was delicious too, but it still wasn’t as good as the pie (I’m going to be biased here). One thing I noticed was the portions of food were small here and price was on a higher side. Each of these were at RM25. Frankly speaking, it didn’t fill me up so we treated ourselves to dessert even though we’re supposed to be on some sort of a no sugar diet.

It’s hard for someone to leave without having something sweet at Kenny Hills Bakers. We had a Strawberry Tart and a Chocolate Banana. I convinced myself that the desserts weren’t too sweet to avoid falling into a guilt trip. On a serious note, the cakes were pretty and tasted as good as it looked. And yes, they weren’t too sweet either.

What was good about Kenny Hills Bakers:

  • The Beef Cheek & Portobello Mushroom Pie was amazing
  • Fresh and high quality ingredients (organic stone-milled flour)
  • Desserts tasted as good as it looked
  • Nice cosy place in a residential area
  • Parking is easily available

What was bad about Kenny Hills Bakers:

  • Food portion was quite small
  • Price was slightly on a higher side (no service charge though)
  • Place gets tight when there’s a queue at the cashier
  • Service quality was below average


Kenny Hills Bakers Details:
Facebook: Kenny Hills Bakers
Address: 63 Jalan Langgak Tunku, Taman Tunku, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: +603 6206 4111

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