Learning To Cook with McCormick Spices & Chefology Frying Pan

My mom has been a huge influence in my life, my upbringing, and almost everything that I do. The one biggest thing she had taught me well was eating healthy. Maybe because I was born weak, she was particularly careful with my diet. She’s a housewife who has cared for two children and basically took care of all our meals, making sure we had all the nutrients we needed growing up. Fried chicken skin and carbonated drinks were out of the question. I almost never had the privilege to indulge in this kind of “fun food” as she would label them as “junk”. Because she had to manage the entire household and cooking only makes one part of it, she only applied simple but healthy cooking methods to save time in the kitchen.

I know I haven’t picked up her cooking skills yet but I’m trying. On the contrary, my brother’s the one who inherited her talent and loves cooking for us. Throughout the years, I’ve always heard the same advise from my mom; to keep it simple and healthy. Use natural/organic ingredients and invest in high-quality cookware.  Since most of our time is spent outside, we tend to eat out for convenience sake. They can be very tasty and flavourful but sad to say, very often they contain monosodium glutamate (MSG) and is detrimental to health. Hence, while at home, the more simple the better. That also means, less oily and less washing.

So with the new Chefology frying pan and McCormick spices I brought home from their joint event at The Cooking House, I tried making some simple and healthy dishes with them. Not to forget, they must also require less washing!

First, it was the Asian stir-fry beef, then grill mackerel with bok choy. Both using McCormick‘s Black Peppercorn and Sea Salt Grinder. Their sea salt is harvested from the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, tends to be coarser than table salt, has a higher concentration of minerals, and doesn’t supply iodine. For the Asian stir-fry beef, I have also added the McCormick Grill Mates Vintage Smokehouse BBQ Sauce. Since the Chefology pan was nonstick, it was really easy to use and clean. I mean, who likes doing the dishes anyway?!?

I’m really starting to enjoy simple cooking and looking forward to more healthy eating at home! I guess I need to start somewhere right, right, right? They say practice makes perfect, and I’m still in practice mode FYI.

I hope you enjoyed watching the cooking videos. Feel free to comment if you have any cooking tips you would like to share with me!

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