My First Entry

So… I’ve decided to blog.

This is it! After all the long chats with my friends and having them convince me, I am finally starting to write my first post. A big shout out to those who encouraged and helped me set this up. Muchos gracias!

Just a brief background about myself; born in Penang but grew up in Kuala Lumpur. Even though, most would regard me as a K.L girl now, but hey! I speak fluent Penang Hokkien (my mother tongue, as they call it) as both my parents are Penangites. Speaking of K.L, Bangsar is my hood for almost 20 years now. It is a kaleidoscope of boutiques, cafes, restaurants, bars, you name it! – love the great buzz and vibe of this area as there’s always something new popping up. For those who know me well enough would definitely know where to find me.

Many of my friends told me I have an outgoing and bubbly personality. I do laugh a lot (often wee bit too loud) and eat too much. So if you ever see me grumpy, just bring me ice cream. We can have an ice cream eating competition.

I do enjoy spending quality time with my loved ones. Having said that usually involves a meal, catching up over coffee or wine, road trips and even traveling out of the country for beautiful sights and collecting memories. Also, taking loads of photos while I’m at it.

On top of all that, I do squeeze in time for fitness. Not a junkie, just some regular cardio and routines. But I do believe in staying fit and being active (so I can still enjoy all the good food lah!). I strongly urge those who haven’t picked up the habit to exercise, please do whatever it takes and motivate yourself. Set a goal! Start now, start today.

Besides all the living leisures in life, I actually do work. Yes, I have a very cool job in the I.T industry. Long story on how I ended up doing this but I’ve survived for almost 8 years now, despite being a Hospitality & Tourism graduate. Please don’t ask me how to troubleshoot your computer or why isn’t your Outlook working after rebooting 100 times. I’ll get offended. No lah, truth is.. I’m still looking for the answer. After all, I’m only a poor sales girl. Definitely not tech savvy at all.

These 3 beautiful ladies which you are about to see below; my favourite girls! The ones whom I have an exceptional bond with, that I can trust and that I can depend on. We’ve known each other since our braces and ridiculous fashion sense days >.< They have been my inspiration (besides my mom) and my biggest supporters throughout these years. *heart*

Anyway, thank you all for reading my very first post. Guess you know a little bit more about me now. Can’t wait to share more stories of my experiences. Hope this is going to be fun for all of us.



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  • Arnold

    Great work! Can’t wait to read about your adventures! 🙂

    • meimei

      Thank you Arnold 🙂

  • DON !!!

    where is a blog post about your good old buddy here !!! … hehe

    • meimei

      LOL. let’s catch up for food/drink somewhere then I’ll feature u in my next post. haha hope all is good at ur end. happy year of rooster! gong xi gong xi!

      • Don

        Thank you Mei Mei, I’ll be away next couple of weeks. Let you know when I’m back !

        Happy CNY TO you too .. ❤❤❤

  • Kelvin

    Mei Mei… nice blog and keep posting ya. Gong Xi Fa Cai to u and family.

    • meimei

      Thank u! Hope u will enjoy reading them too.

  • cf

    Great travel tips. I love the Penang write up.

    • meimei

      thank u! will continue sharing more stories of my excursions 🙂

  • cf

    Sky Gliding ! Brave girl! I am terrified of heights .

  • KY

    Didn’t realize you’re a fellow penang lang!

    • meimei

      ehh i thought you knew cos we spoke about it before