Nadodi Restaurant @ Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur

Last week, I came across Nadodi restaurant from an acquaintance’s facebook page. So me being me, I (obviously) clicked on the post to check out some pictures and also the restaurant’s page. The visual images caught my attention and I couldn’t wait to try. The impatient me went to Nadodi that evening, regardless of the fact it was still their soft launch. I knew I was in for an intriguing evening as soon as I entered the restaurant. Not only because the place looked elegant, but we were also warmly welcomed and greeted by staff of Nadodi carrying amicable smiles on their faces.

Nadodi actually means nomad in Tamil and Malayalam. Their Brand Director, Kartik explained to us that the restaurant’s cuisine is an influence of 3 regions; Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Sri Lanka. Kartik further defined that their core team are “Nadodi” themselves, who migrated from that region. He thought the name would be befitting as this is where they could showcase their home cuisine as to how they would love to see it.

Nadodi is currently serving a 10 course tasting menu at RM320++/pax and an additional RM299++ with wine pairing (4 glasses). Since it was a school night, we decided to order a cocktail or two each instead. We had Cocktail with no Name and Yazh to start. I was simply amazed with how Cocktail with no Name was served – in a form of an egg shell on a nest. Akshar the Mixologist cum Head of Operations, told us that the cocktails are carefully crafted and created by the man himself. He believes drinks should also be artistically presented besides food. Cocktail with no Name contains truffle, therefore, it does take a little while to acquire the taste.

Yazh was made of rye whisky, sauvignon blanc and passionfruit puree. It was served with “caviar” jelly made of honey on the side. I liked this one!

When our first course was served, one of their Head Chefs, Sricharan (another is Johnson) asked us to guess what it was as their menu printed a mysterious “???“. Those who are familiar with Indian food could guess it was a Pappadum, a staple of Southern India. However, this was thinner, lighter and the texture was a little unusual. Nadodi‘s version was made of rice with dehydrated yogurt and curry leaf.

The second course was Kiribath, a rice pudding, and a popular festive dish in Sri Lanka for auspicious moment. It was made with sambol, coriander and lemon juice with fish flakes, sugar and coconut on the top.

Next up was Egg Kalaki, which was egg with dehydrated jujube fruit underneath (slightly spicy but enticing). It came with a piece of chicken skin they name Chicken 65, which simply was the 65th item on the menu of a famous restaurant in Chennai called Buhari.

Then it was one of my favourite that night, Chettinad Scallops. Chettinad is a region famous for spicy food, hence the name. It is actually Hokkaido scallop in marsala spice with tamarind froth.

Our fifth course was fermented cake made of rice and lentil with chili yogurt sauce.

The sixth course named Fishing was of course fish, poached with cilantro and egg yolk. Then a layer of crispy nori made of drumstick leaf on top.

The star course of the night, which was also their signature dish, Aatukari. It was a 68°C sous vide lamb marinated overnight with cinnamon, clove and coconut. The powdery looking stuff on the top right are chili and curry leaf flour. We LOVED this!

Our last dish before dessert was country-chicken briyani, served in a round shaped gold color multilayer bowl. The briyani (short grain rice) was peanut paste flavored in tamarind. Accompanied with two side dishes; tomato & onion skin with sphered yogurt or better known as pachadi, and aubergine. #mybriyaniisbetterthanyours

The first dessert was Kandy. It was basically chocolate with earl grey tea.

And to our finale course; coconut meat as base, sugar cane & coconut milk ice cream, crumbs and Indian basil. Thumbs up!

Our night didn’t quite end just yet as Akshar managed to convince us for another round of cocktail. Magizchi which means happy, was Nadodi‘s signature cocktail that goes well with their dessert.

Akshar also flaunted his mixology skills when serving us Madras Central, a cocktail concoct of vodka and slow-drip kapi (Indian filter coffee) finished with cream foam. We could clearly see the amount of effort he had put in preparing them.

We were given a little tour of Nadodi restaurant as Akshar was eager to show us their “garden” of own-grown herbs and spices where they have been using in the dishes and cocktails.

Private dining room is available for small groups of 10 – 15. There’s a window glass between the dining room and kitchen for service observation. However, guests may also have it shut off for privacy.

The team at Nadodi is definitely worth 10/10 for their spirit. I truly admire their passion and enthusiasm as these had reflected in the entire dining experience with them. Sricharan and Akshar were both extremely hospitable and entertaining.


What was good about Nadodi:

  • Elegant and romantic ambience
  • Super friendly, enthusiastic and hospitable team
  • Delectable modern nomadic cuisine (my personal favourite courses were Aatukari and Chettinad Scallop)
  • Appealing cocktail presentation
  • Good for small private event

What was bad about Nadodi:

  • Don’t offer wine by glass (only by bottle) EDIT: They now serve wine by glass (as of today)


Nadodi Details:
Website: Nadodi Website
Address: Lot 183, 1st Floor Jalan Mayang, Off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Reservations:+6017-367 0200

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