Nara Kitchen & Co. @ Uptown, P.J.

Damansara Utama or otherwise known as Uptown, is a happening suburb in Petaling Jaya with a few new developments like the latest Starling mall and Somerset serviced apartments. When it comes to eateries, you are spoiled for choices as there are way too many of them. From a typical mamak, to fast food chains, hawkers, cafés, desserts, you name it. A happening place like this also means that parking is a challenge. As such, there’s only 3 reasons why I would drag myself there; 1) Village Park Nasi Lemak, 2) simply looking for a café for an ang moh brunch, 3) Desserts!!

I didn’t want to crack my head too much on where and what to eat, so I thought I’d revisit somewhere I’ve been, which was Nara Kitchen & Co. to try out some new items since its menu had a “mini facelift”. Nara was my first choice because I really liked the simplicity of its space and it wasn’t too noisy. Also, it had colorful decorations against the walls, and a tiny artificial tree of inspirational notes spreading positive vibes all across the room.

I remembered the food at Nara was also quite good especially the Big Belly salad that looked so pretty like a little edible garden. Made with white organic quinoa, fresh mint, roasted beets, orange wedge, arugula, kyuri, hummus and miso vinaigrette. A very healthy one for sure.

Besides your regular ang moh stuff like waffles and pasta, food in Nara is also influence of Japanese and Korean cuisine. There’s a variety of Japanese rice bowls (Don as they call it) and a few items using kimchi such as the Gangnam Chicken Mantao (boneless chicken in kimchi marinate, homemade kimchi mayo, crisp lettuce).

Instead of serving your eggs on toasts, Nara have them stacked on waffles. The All-Day Breakfast Waffles is made of buttermilk waffles, Spanish sausages, organic poached eggs, chick pea ratatouille, mango chutney and sour cream. The waffle wasn’t the tastiest but it wasn’t bad either. I liked the idea of chick pea ratatouille as a substitute to baked beans. The mango chutney also added a delicious dimension of flavour to the favourite big breakfast. Slightly sweet, sour and spicy.

The Lobster Roll was pretty good as well. Pieces of grilled lobster chunks tossed in homemade celery mayo, and fries with grated parmesan on the side in between a soft hot dog bun.

I was actually looking forward to dessert most but found it a bit disappointing. It did look Instagram-worthy and the name itself, Do’nut Worry Be Happy, was witty and cute which was the reason we ordered. But it didn’t taste as good as I thought it would be. The donut texture wasn’t soft nor crispy, and somewhat didn’t seem that fresh.

What was good about Nara Kitchen & Co.:

  • Big Belly and Lobster Roll were tasty
  • Simple and relaxed space – not too crowded and noisy
  • Suitable for private events/parties

What was bad about Nara Kitchen & Co.:

  • Do’Nut Worry Be Happy was a disappointment
  • Parking might be difficult at that area


Nara Kitchen & Co. Details:
Website: Nara Kitchen & Co.
Facebook: Nara Kitchen & Co.
Address: 61 Jalan SS21/1 Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7733 5897

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