Shun De Gong Restaurant @ Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang

My BFF can be quite a selective eater, especially when it comes to Chinese cuisine. If I ever suggest any of those common Chinese restaurants in Bangsar, she would say things like “So sien (boring), I know how to make that also lah!” or “Outside food is so unhealthy, everything contains MSG and it’s not even nice. I can cook better than that, with less salt and no sugar. We use all the high quality ingredients. Eat at home!”. Very susah (difficult) like this. I would leave it for her to decide where and what most of the time, not unless if I’m dying for a bowl of Assam Laksa.

So one day after getting off a call with one of her friends, she asked if I’ve been to this restaurant called Shun De Gong (順德公私房菜). It was highly recommended by all her friends that had been there. For me, I’m clueless when it comes to Chinese cuisine. I normally tag along others and let them do the order. Otherwise, I’ll end up with the usuals like stir-fry vegetables, sweet & sour pork, and mapo tofu if I don’t get a menu with pictures on it.

After Googling about Shun De Gong to find out the exact location and viewed some interesting pictures, we thought it was quite promising since they’ve even been featured on a local TV show. This restaurant features authentic Cantonese cuisine from Shunde in the city of Foshan, Guangdong China, where the Chef is from. The interior and decor of the place was simple, with a very typical Chinese theme.

I was a little lost reading the menu and wasn’t sure what to order though there’s plenty of pictures to refer. Also, most of the dishes looked (or at least sound) tasty that I couldn’t decide. Plus the dishes weren’t the same as the usual. Where’s the sweet & sour pork, and mapo tofu?? My BFF told me that the steamed chicken with onion and ginger is very popular but we really wanted fish. Otherwise, their stew and steamboat seemed to be the hot items.

We asked for recommendation as some of the stew dishes we wanted was too large, enough to feed up to 4-5 pax. Staff at Shun De Gong was very helpful. She recommended a stew dish that was not in the menu. A tiger grouper in a special broth with loads of garlic, ginger, spring onions, and pork belly. Fish was very fresh, meat was silky and the broth was so delicious. The broth was very different. I asked the owner what were the secret ingredients, which of course would remain a Chef’s secret.

The other dish recommended to us was also not in the menu – boiled Chinese yam (山药) in blueberry sauce. Some benefits of Chinese yam is to strengthen the kidney, treating chronic cough and lowering blood sugar. Looked so simple yet so tasty. Most importantly, it is high in nutrition.

And our final dish was the braised pork belly with Chef’s special sauce. This is also another item worth ordering, especially for those who enjoys their pork. It was braised so well and the sauce was really tasty with rice. The meat was very tender, although I find it too fatty.

What was good about Shun De Gong:

  • Fish was fresh (seafood still live in water tank displayed in restaurant)
  • All the dishes we ordered were unique and delicious
  • Staff was courteous and helpful
  • Nostalgic and tasteful oriental decor

What was bad about Shun De Gong:

  • Too many items on the menu to offer that may cause confusion
  • I personally didn’t like the location and its surrounding


Shun De Gong Details:
Facebook: Shun De Gong
Address: Lot No. D5, Ground & Mezzanine Floor, Block D Fahrenheit 88, 179 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Reservation: +603 2110 0311

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