Spice Up Your Kitchen @ The Cooking House (Chefology X McCormick)

It was a very exciting day for me as this is my first time attending a bloggers meet and greet event. It was held at The Cooking House Bangsar, hosted by Chefology and McCormick. I was required to be hands-on, cooking using Chefology Nature Series latest cookware together with McCormick‘s herbs and spices. Well, I’ve taken up cooking classes recently (beginner stage). So, this was a great opportunity to pick up new recipes. However, I was very nervous since I still find it very challenging to be creative around the kitchen. I also found out that most of the bloggers here actually love cooking, and they CAN cook. Except me. Uh-oh! And did I mention there was a cooking competition?! Well, I only found out on that day!

Before we were moved up to the cooking area, representatives from McCormick and Chefology gave their warm welcome and speeches. Each briefly introduced their products which were; Chefology Swiss Nature Series scratch-resistant marble ceramic non-stick coating cookware, and McCormick‘s adjustable Sea Salt and Black Peppercorn Grinder.

Before the bloggers’ cook-off, Chef Collin Edward Lim of The Cooking House demonstrated three different recipes while showcasing the Chefology cookware and McCormick‘s spices. We had to prepare two of them; Cheesy Black Pepper Chicken Salad, and Basil Crepes with Caramelised Banana. After which, Chef and the hosts would decide which was their favourite.

Lucky thing we were required to get together in groups of three. I can’t imagine having to do all these alone. It was such an honour to be grouped together with Kelly Siew Cooks and Cik Lily Putih. Kelly Siew Cooks shared some of her secret cooking techniques whilst cooking. Cik Lily Putih also quickly had all the vegetables cut and prepared for the salad. Obviously, we could tell who were doing all the hard work and who the real cooks were!

The chicken were marinated with McCormick Sea Salt and McCormick Black Peppercorn adjustable grinders. They came with three different settings, so you could adjust the salt and pepper coarseness according to your liking. McCormick Grill Mates BBQ Sauce was added after for an extra flavour to the chicken before it was pan fried and sent to the oven to bake.

What I really like about Chefology‘s Nature Series Frying Pan is that it works on gas stoves, induction cooktops and even the oven. Yes, that same pan that we used to pan fry the chicken goes into the oven too. But please be extra careful when removing the pan out of the oven. Poor Kelly Siew Cooks burnt her hand so bad from the hot handle. So, make sure you be reminded to use gloves!

The marble ceramic non-stick six-layer coating Chefology pan also made the Basil Crepes with Caramelised Banana easy to prepare. Some of the ingredients include; McCormick Sea Salt, McCormick Basil, flour, sugar, eggs, milk, butter, bananas, raisins, and berries to garnish.

With all the help we needed for food presentation, and voilà! Our masterpieces.

We presented our dishes to the judges. Though we were not crowned as winners, I still had so much fun during the whole process. Also being able to learn and make new friends were the best part of it all!

A BIG thank you to The Cooking House, McCormick and Chefology for this wonderful experience. Looks like I’ll need to make good use of my new Chefology pan and McCormick spices. About time to put my cooking lessons into practice now!

You might also want to check out the video I’ve put together from this eventful day.

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