Sushiya @ Plaza Mont Kiara

I absolutely love sashimi. But ever since the video about a raw oyster with live worms went viral, my parents have been warning me about the health risk of consuming raw fish/meat each time I speak of it. I had a major craving for sashimi last week so I asked my friend, Anisa (who enjoys raw food as much as I do 😬 ) for dinner instead. She suggested Sushiya in Plaza Mont Kiara where she’s been wanting to try.

We noticed quite a number of Japanese guests in Sushiya, and some of their staff including sushi chefs were also Japanese. I guess this would have helped distinguish an authentic Japanese restaurant. The place was also spacious with a sizable sushi counter, and even had a private room.

We were presented a digital tablet menu where orders were made through it. Anisa and I had quite a bit of fun scrolling through the menu. I was quite impressed with the service as our orders were served quickly and efficiently once we pressed confirm.

Prices are reasonable here in Sushiya. Tamago is priced at RM7, Unagi nigiri (2 pcs) at RM18, and Uni nigiri (2 pcs) at RM50.

It took us quite a while to decide which Don we wanted since all of them were visually appealing on the menu. We both love variety so we ordered a Kaisen Chirashi Don each where there’s a mix of different types of fish on a big bowl of rice. Priced at RM70 per bowl.

Sake is always a great idea with raw fish, and best of all we both enjoy hot sake better instead of cold. We ordered a bottle of 720ml Yamadanishik Tokubetsu Junmai at RM110 and manage to finish the whole bottle to ourselves 😅. My overall experience here was positive, though the food was pretty average but it’s good value for money. With the right company, I wouldn’t mind coming back here again for sure!

What was good about Sushiya:

  • Timely service
  • Staff were friendly and attentive
  • Prices were reasonable

What was bad about Sushiya:

  • Only few tables available for those in groups


Sushiya Details:
Address: A-G-03 Block A, Plaza Mont Kiara, Jalan Kiara 2, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 6211 3299
Facebook: Sushiya

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