The Pantry Cafe @ Lorong Kurau, Bangsar

The Pantry is a modest looking neighbourhood café serving gourmet all-day breakfast. It is along Lorong Kurau and tucked away from the bustling streets of Maarof and Telawi. Over the past few years, Lorong Kurau had evolved from the old side of Bangsar to what is now a small stretch of eateries from the east to west. I remember only good things about this café when I first tried some time last year.

The Pantry has a small sign covered with vines (which made it a little difficult to see, but you wouldn’t miss it since there aren’t that many shops along that row). First thing I noticed as soon as I entered was the jazzy house music playing in the background. Nice! I was actually a little worried at the beginning since the café wasn’t filled up on a Saturday brunch hour. Often I had disappointing experiences where restaurants failed to maintain their food quality and service standards after a year or less. However, I will not say the same about The Pantry.

Old-fashioned door and windows. 80s ceramic tiles. Soft colours. Groovy music. Definitely a cosy and “lepak” kind of vibe. For a simple understated café, I must say the food was well-prepared. Although there were not many choices from the two-paged menu, but I don’t believe in a long list of items where a restaurant loses its focus and specialty.

We ordered The Pantry Breakfast which was really tasty. In fact, this is one of my favourite breakfasts in Bangsar. It had 2 poached eggs (done right), beef bacon on wholemeal sourdough toast, lamb sausage (SO good), sautéed mushrooms & spinach, rustic ratatouille and cherry tomatoes. If you prefer something lighter, the Eggs Benedict could be a better choice.

One should not leave The Pantry without trying at least one of these; Rose & Raspberry croissant with Homemade Raspberry Coulis, Rose Latte or Rose & Raspberry Macaron. We would love to try them all, but too much of something could be an overkill. Since the croissant would make the best photo, we ordered albeit knowing it tasted OK. Anyway, there’s always next time, and I’m already looking forward to try their mains and cakes.

The Pantry uses Pay It Forward (PIF) blend from the renowned Pulp by Papa Palheta for all their coffees (just FYI, Pulp is a boutique café less than 1km away from here). Tea and fresh fruit juices are also available for non-coffee drinkers. Find out more about their delivery services on the website link provided below.


What was good about The Pantry:

  • Tasty breakfast (The Pantry Breakfast!)
  • Good coffee
  • Friendly and prompt service
  • Laid back atmosphere

What was bad about The Pantry:

  • Place is little bit narrow and small


The Pantry Cafe Details:
Website: The Pantry Cafe
Address: 9 Lorong Kurau, Taman Bukit Pantai, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Reservations: +603 2280 0808
Facebook: The Pantry Cafe

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