Things To Do in San Francisco

At the beginning, I wasn’t sure about taking a long haul flight just for a short 5 nights stay in San Francisco. I’ve never been to the States, so I had to go through the whole mafan (troublesome) process of getting a U.S. visa in a short time frame since it was a last minute decision. The whole thought of it also made me sooooo malas (lazy). Of course, Mr Gadget did a very good job in convincing me, as I know he really wanted to take me there! I’m glad I went through all that visa hassle and that 18 hours flight as it was all worthwhile.

We had a really good time exploring San Francisco. We actually spent most of our time within the city and didn’t squeeze in too many activities, so we could relax as well. A bit of a crazy weather there, as it was the hottest day of the month on the next day after we arrived. We actually experienced the transition of an extremely sunny day to fall within 2 days. I came back looking so brown!!

It was one short and sweet trip, but Mr Gadget had to stay another week for work. That also meant I flew back home alone 😭 ! I usually prefer a 9-14 day stay, especially in a country that I’ve traveled so many hours for and one that I’ve never been to. But no, I’m not that fearless to wander around alone (with exception to some countries like Singapore and Japan). I honestly didn’t feel that safe in SF for some reason.

Anyway, here’s some footage of our San Francisco city excursion. Check out the video if you would like to find out what are some of the things you can do.

Summary of Day 1
Started the day with breakfast and coffee at Evas Coffee before a small walk up the steep hill to the famous crooked Lombard Street. After that, we headed to Ghirardelli Square which was less than 1km away for chocolate and sundae. Just down the road from here is Fisherman’s Wharf where there’s plenty of seafood restaurants. We decided to walk a little further up to Pier 39 (which forms part of Fisherman’s Wharf) for lunch at Boudin instead. Besides dining and shopping, there are loads of activities you can do like visiting the aquarium or sea lion watching. These 3 attractions were within walking distance. We went downtown to Westfield San Francisco Centre and Union Square for some shopping after. And then, we took a ride on San Francisco’s famous manually operated cable car back to Fisherman’s Wharf for dinner, just to find out the fuss of In-N-Out Burger. Overrated burger / fast food. Never again.

Summary of Day 2
We woke up late due to jetlag and we were wrecked from walking around all day on day 1. The up and downhill were causing my kneecap to hurt, so I wasn’t in the best mood. Started our day with a scrumptious brunch at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana in the heart of North Beach, and then some gelato right across the street for dessert. Coit Tower was roughly a 10-minute hike from here. At the top of this tower, you will be able to enjoy a 360° view of gorgeous San Francisco skyline. We also took a walk around Chinatown, the largest one out of Asia with a long and notorious history. Kind of felt like we were transported to Hong Kong in that area. About 5.30pm, we head over to Baker Beach to catch the sunset and took beautiful (mandatory) shots of the Golden Gate Bridge. We didn’t stay too long as it was the beginning of fall and the weather was getting cold. Since Mr Gadget got to have his favourite pizza during the day, we had some authentic Mexican food and Margaritas at Tropisueño to end our evening instead. This place was pumping on a Friday night!

Summary of Day 3
I anticipated for this day and was super excited for our Segway Tour of the Golden Gate Park. We went back to Evas Coffee for breakfast again before heading to the park. It took us approximately 15 minutes to get there via Uber. Due to its 1,107 acres large size, the best way to discover this manmade park is through the Segway tour. There are so many attractions and activities you can do in this park such as a visit to the California Academy of Sciences and Conservatory of Flowers. After which, we had some lobster roll and clam chowder from the food trucks around the Music Concourse area for lunch. Before heading into De Young, a fine arts museum, we grabbed a hot cuppa and dessert at the museum’s lovely café. We also spent some time walking around the Japanese Tea Garden which was right next to the museum. For dinner, we had Italian food again. This time, instead of pizza (Phewww!), we had cold cuts, veal, and loads of red wine somewhere in the city.

Summary of Day 4
This was a very slow and easy day with no plans of touring or sightseeing. A typical Sunday craving for some runny egg yolk and bacon, so we ended up at Homeskillet for brunch. Their breakfast menu was good, but please be reminded of their large food portion. We obviously ordered a little too much than we can handle, and I’m putting the blame on Mr Gadget (teeheee!). He had to leave me for a meeting after, so I spent a couple of hours alone at Macy’s Union Square for shopping!! Yessssssss!!! Since it was my last night, we had a really nice dinner at Epic Steak, overlooking the bay and Oakland Bay Bridge. The steak was surely epic, but so was the price. Everything we ordered from the crab cake, dry-aged ribeye, pork belly and s’mores chocolate tart was so tasty. It wasn’t the most romantic place though since the place was a bit noisy. We had a nice quiet stroll by the bay after dinner before heading back to the hotel to catch up on Stranger Things.

Summary of Day 5
Woke up very early so we can pack and check out. I had to order breakfast from UberEats to save time, breakfast bagel from Cafe Francisco to be exact which I find very tasty!! Dropped Mr Gadget at his destination before I head to the airport. Forget about shopping here ‘cause there’s nothing much, really. Thankfully, the seat next to mine was empty from SFO to HKG, and HKG to KUL. The transit at HKG airport was awesome since it’s like a mall itself! Sneaked in some shopping as my flight delayed. It was already 1 AM when I touched down KLIA, and my baggage claim delayed! By the time I got home, it was almost 3 AM. Gonna make sure I stay for more than a week next time. Well, I do have a 10 years visa now and would love to explore other cities in the U.S.A!

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